Welcome to William A. Clark Woodwork! We produce and sell unique hardwood bowls made from beech, walnut, maple, cherry and other unique types of wood. Wooden bowls are loved for their timeless style and functionality. We craft ours using the highest quality and most unique wood available. Our pieces appeal to almost everyone as they feature both contemporary and traditional design features. Each bowl is unique as we take the time to admire and highlight the uniqueness of each piece of wood that we are utilizing; grains, burls, and the unique color of each type of wood is considered as we design each item.

Our goal is to craft durable and beautiful wooden bowls and other art pieces in our cozy workshops located in Westerly, Rhode Island and Sarasota, Florida. We take great pride in providing our customers with the highest quality wooden products for home decor and function. Each piece is designed to truly be of heirloom quality and serve as an art piece for your home.